What Are The Wedding Band Customs From Different Cultures

In almost every lifestyle around the world there is the occurrence of marriage. The central to every marriage is the partnership between two individuals, though there are certain traditions of each lifestyle. These could be wedding outfits, advantage traditions, wedding food, color styles, etc. There are smaller social variations too. Dressed in of a relationship ring is one such difference, though it provides the same worldwide representational effects. However, it is the making and wearing of the ring that varies.

History of the wedding ring

The custom of wedding ring goes back to the Neanderthal times, when twits, lawn and pushes were linked around the arms or legs of the new bride and was taken as a sign of relationship and commitment.

The Egyptians

The homeland of the modern wedding ring is considered as The red sea. The Egyptians used natural leather, bone, cream color and almond for making jewelry. Later on, they started using steel for making jewelry and the woman with the ring had the claim of the belongings of her husband.

Asian countries

Countries in Japan and the Far Eastern are used to buying genuine gold and hence 18K and 22K gold are the standard. Part of this tendency are available in religious beliefs, whereas in Indian, the having of gold is considered as an indication of brilliance and beauty. Typically, the more gold the new bride operates, the more happy she is considered will be.

Western countries

Most european nations consider 14K gold as the standard for wedding ring. In the USA, we discover 10K gold being sold, whereas in Malaysia one could even discover 9K gold. In the Netherland, anything less than 14K gold is not regarded as gold, though 9K gold is becoming more popular. In nations where genuine gold is the standard, individuals respect 14K or 9K gold as low budget. On the other hand, 22K gold is taken as too fancy and bogus by individuals who regularly use less heavy gold.

A wide variety of ring styles exist comprise the nations and societies of their roots. For example, France and European wedding jewelry are often created with three multi-colored intertwined groups. In Celtic nations, the jewelry are often discovered with engravings of Claddagh design representing marriage constancy.

In Britain and America, first it is ring, then comes the sleek wedding ring and finally, it is the ‘eternity ring’ and is given on the first birthday or at the time of the birth of the first child.

The wedding jewelry used by the many current Local American communities are quite different from Western styles. Components and signs have traditional links to their own societies as most jewelry include of gold with design of semi-precious rocks or else such natural materials like red reefs, aqua blue and seashells.